YO! What is UBER?

What is Uber?

what is uber

Although ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have been around for several years, not everyone is familiar with these these high growth companies.

Below is a comprehensive guide to provide everything you need to know about the Uber App and how you can use it benefit your lifestyle.

You might be hearing a lot about the name “Uber” almost everywhere around the globe. Drivers, businessmen, common people on the streets talk about Uber. Uber increases in popularity over time as it goes with the hype of modern technology. But what actually is Uber?

A short background

Really what is Uber? Uber Technologies Inc. is a well-known American multinational online transportation network company which is based in San Francisco, California. This company develops, markets and controls the Uber mobile app – an application that smartphone users manage to request for a certain trip which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own private cars.

what is uber

In 2009, Uber started as “ UberCab” as it was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. After several years, Uber has stretched out across many countries all over the globe. It offers a proficient car service that charges directly to the credit card of the client.

The Uber App

What is Uber and what is Uber App? Uber is a trending Internet-based car service that allows people to request private drivers from any mobile phone via text messaging as well as through applications and Android and iPhones devices.

This on-demand car service triggers the dispatch software to send the nearest licensed professional driver to a passenger’s location.

Payment automatically charges the credit card of the passenger or cash depending on the agreement. Uber is directed to communal ridesharing agreement between the driver and the customer.

How does Uber Driving App work?



The Uber App is a user-friendly, money-earning mobile app that allows you to:

  • Set your own schedule-

    When you are using Uber Driving App, you are your own boss in the sense that you decide when and how long you are to work. So you’ll never have to choose between earning a living and taking care of all your other activities throughout the day.

  • Drive your own car-

    In Uber, you will drive your own car using the Uber Partner app to find riders in your area.

  • Earn on your own terms-

    In Uber, it is easy to earn money while helping other people travel around. The question of how much you earn is completely up to you.what is uber

    There are numerous Uber consumers out there in every city, which would mean there’s a lot of opportunity to earn. When      you are ready to drive, you just have to open the app and you will be receiving trip requests.

    When the trip is done, you will find another nearby request. Riders are friendly and respectful of your car and most of all, only you can decide when to stop driving for the day.

  • Let the app lead you-

    Once you open the app, all you need to do is just tap and go. Uber driving app will display who you’re picking up and provide turn by turn directions to their location and destination.

    The Uber App also offers tools to help you earn more. These tools allow you to follow your earnings, find profitable hotspots, minimize downtime, and view riders’ comments for your service improvement.

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