Uber Options: Lots of choices for passengers

Getting an Uber means riding your way to places seamlessly by simply accessing your phone through the Uber app available in both IOs and Android smartphones, or through the Uber site through a web browser. Uber is one of the most, if not, the most popular ridesharing services available today. In fact people have already coined the term “Uber” meaning getting a ride from Uber or requesting Uber services. You might have heard people saying “Let’s Uber to the restaurant later and Uber our way home after dinner”.

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This only illustrates how famous this service has been for most people who love to ride their way to places with car services. However, not all Uber users and costumers have the knowledge about the Uber Options the company offers the public. Only a few know that they could get different Uber Types upon the passengers’ requests. This article will help you know more about all available Uber Options, how they differ from the others and the key-features each Uber options possess that may suit your taste and match your needs as you demand for the service.






Uber Options: UberX

Let us start this discussion by knowing the most popular ride requested by passengers among all Uber Options- UberX. This ride is the least expensive among the options and generally has four seats for riders. UberX is a ridesharing service that partners passengers to drivers who use their own personal vehicles. This Uber Option requires drivers to be at least 21 years of age, with clean driving record but not requiring them to have commercial driving license, although some may have one.

The vehicles used in UberX should pass an independent vehicle inspection. Popularly known as the “low-cost option” for rides, it swiftly sends you at your last stop without putting a toll on your pockets. However, even if it is considered the budget option, your ride is as smooth as if it was worth more. Car models such as the Dodge Charger, Toyota Prius, and BMW 3 Series, are among many vehicles that are enlisted under UberX.

UberX drivers work as an independent contractors and because of this, Uber doesn’t offer basic health insurance policies or benefits to them.  More importantly, UberX drivers are never compensated for expenses including gasoline and insurance costs unlike taxi drivers. Nevertheless, UberX drivers make more money than private chauffeurs or taxicab operators.  Another benefit is that the hours are flexible. Per-mile fees vary slightly across American cities, but then again UberX’s prices are much cheaper than other taxi services.
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Uber Options: UberBLACK

If you want to travel in luxury and style and black favors your taste, riding UberBLACK is a great fit for you. This ride was in fact the very first car service that Uber had to offer. UberBLACK is the extravagant variety of the popular UberX. This Uber option will surely allow you to arrive at your destination with elegance, class and style with its black-on-black luxury sedans.

Just like all other Uber vehicles, UberBlack has certain requirements to be complied by wannabe drivers. The vehicle must have a passenger limit of 4 passengers and that includes the driver. As mentioned above, the car must be a luxury vehicle, a newer version, must be black with black leather interior, driver must be well-mannered, professional, characteristically “dresses to impress” and must have a local limousine license. The vehicle must also be under a commercial insurance policy in order to qualify.

To be more familiar with Uber BLACK service, it is imperative to know the list of cars that may take you to your destination if ever you want to use Uber Black service. Vehicles in this Uber option includes BMW 5-Series & 7-Series, Mercedes S, and Lexus LS460 among others.

Uber have restrictions on the number of Black cars that in the market to preserve the prices and demands high. In terms with other Uber options, drivers can apply at any given time and get started as soon as the application process is completed. However, with the UberBlack, the application process starts only if Uber is accepting new vehicles. In fact, accounts in this Uber option are so rare that people end up selling their Black accounts to make a huge amount of money.
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Uber Options: UberXL

Do you like to go on the road with friends or just want to have a ride with a lot of space around you? Then you might want to hire the services of the Uber XL. It is a low-cost car service that allows you to travel with an SUV! This Uber option is like a big brotyher to UberX. This car service will fit 6 people including the driver. What is far more important is that it is nearly half the price of the black luxury version offered by Uber.

Vehicles that may qualify under UberXL must have the model year from 2001 or newer, with 4 full, independently opening doors and seating that have seat belts for driver and 6passengers. The car must have no cosmetic damage or missing pieces. Salvaged or rental vehicles is strictly not allowed. There should be no commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs and lastly, large passenger vans or commercial Heavy Duty trucks do not qualify.

If by any chance you decide to ride with UberXL, the vehicle that will show up are typically Kia Sorrento, Toyota Highlander, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Chevrolet Traverse. However, this is not a complete list other similar cars may also be the ones to pick you up.

Uber X and XL drivers has similar requirements. Drivers must be At least 21 years of age and must pass a comprehensive state and federal background check during the time of application, must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance coverage. He must have a Vehicle Registration or Title, Vehicle Insurance that has the driver’s name on the policy.
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Uber Options: UberSelect

If riding in class and style is what you are looking for but you do not want to spend too much in return, UberSelect is a perfect ride for you. To describe it simply, this Uber option called UberSelect is step higher above UberX in terms of luxury and is less expensive than UberBlack. This is like Uber BLACK but the cars don’t necessarily have to be black.

Also known as Uber Plus in some areas, UberSelect was the first service that uses luxury cars on the Uber platform. For people who wants to become an Uber driver, UberSelect is great choice for those who already have nice-looking comfortable cars to drive in. Drivers must at least be 21 years of age with a U.S. Driver license for at least a year, must have an in-state Driver’s License and license plates. They must have current car registration with car insurance reaching the minimal state requirements with driver’s name on the policy. Most importantly, drivers must have a clean driving record and must pass a criminal background check.

The vehicles under UberSelect must have a model year of 2008 or newer and must be 5-passenger luxury sedans with 4 independent doors having a leather or vegan leather interior. The car must accommodate 4 passengers not including the driver. No rental vehicles cars with cosmetic damage and commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs are allowed and all vehicles must

Some of the vehicles eligible for the UberSelect service are Acura RDX, Audi A3, and BMW X3 among others. A fee is charged at the start of all Uber SELECT rides this depends and varies between cities all over the US. However, the base fare for Uber SELECT is between $3 and $5 much lesser compared to approximately $8 for UberBLACK. Like UberX, and UberXL, an UberSELECT driver is an independent contractor. They often earn higher than UberX drivers, taxi cab operators, or private chauffeurs. The hours on duty are flexible, and is dependent on the driver’s schedule liking. They approximately earn anywhere between $17 and $37 an hour.
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Uber Options: UberPOOL

Do you want to ride the newest and cheapest Uber option available in the market? Try UberPOOL. This ridesharing service offered by Uber lets passengers in no rush or riders with a couple of minutes to spare to divide the expenses and costs of a travel with another Uber rider headed in the same direction. Simply put, drivers will see patterns as they pick up more and more people between point A and point B. Several people wanting to ride with Uber are going in the same direction at the same time of day and by matching these riders, Uber will be able augment the marketplace

UberPool operates in a similar manner to Uber’s other options. This means passengers use the Uber app to call for a ride and will be picked up by independent contractors driving their own cars. In this service, the Uber riders enter their final destination and get matched with other prospective passengers who opts to ride UberPOOL too, as they are taking similar routes. With Uber’s app-based system arranging the most proficient pairings for drivers and riders is easy. Rates for UberPool are 95 cents per mile and 13 cents per minute. Pooled rides average around five minutes longer than solo trips and rates are typically up to 25 percent lesser than standard UberX, the company’s most affordable option before.

What is more important is that through UberPOOL, a transformation occurs in terms of the means people travel and how they think about getting around in and out of the city. It can have unbelievable repercussions to traffic and road jamming, pollution, urban parking and transportation expenses. This service gives more commuters a wider choice rather than having their own personal cars.
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