Uber First Ride Code – $15 Off Your First Ride!

Uber First Ride Code

Uber First Ride Code

Are you looking for an Uber first ride code tonight?  You’ve come to the right place.  Take it from us, once you try a service like Uber or Lyft, you will continually use it for your transportation needs.  Uber and Lyft are extremely convenient.  Give it a try today and use our Uber first ride code below to get up to $15 off of your first ride!

Uber Ride Code

What is Uber?

Uber has many options when it comes to getting a ride from cars, helicopters, and even yachts!  Uberx is the low-cost option for those wanting their own vehicle.  It will be a 4 door car that will fit 4 people, including you.  If you are looking for an even cheaper ride, try using Uberpool.  Uberpool allows you to pick whether you want 1 or 2 spots.  The reason this is a lot cheaper is that you will have other passengers in the vehicle as well.  I tried one out when I was in Chicago one weekend and what would’ve been around a $18 Uberx trip, was a $4 Uberpool trip.  The best part was I was dropped off first so as long as you are fine with strangers riding with you, this is a great option!  So what are you waiting for, get your Uber first ride code by clicking the button above.

Are you looking to show up to the party in style this weekend?  Why not give Uberblack a try?  You’ll be picked up in a luxury vehicle and taken to your destination in style!  The best part is the rides aren’t that expensive so definitely something to keep in mind when going out for the night.  I’ve tried it several times and haven’t had a bad experience yet.

Safe Rides with Uber

Uber is committed to making sure riders and drivers stay safe.  So what is Uber doing to ensure the safety of everyone?

  1. Driver Screening – Every person that applies to be a driver goes through a pre-screening process that includes searching through their motor vehicle records as well as their criminal record.  This includes the county, state, and federal levels.
  2. Door to door service – Uber will pick you up at the location you pick and drop you off at your destination.  This allows for safe door to door rides.
  3. Driver Feedback – As soon as you get dropped off at your destination, you are given options to rate your driver.  This includes giving your driver 1-5 stars and you have an option to leave anonymous feedback.  If a driver gets poor reviews, Uber will address the issue.
  4. Diver information – As soon as you match with a driver, you will be able to see their name, picture, car model, license plate number, and rating.  So you will know exactly who will be picking you up.  Forget something in the car?  No worries.  You are able to find your previous driver through the Uber app.
  5. Share your ride information – As soon as you get in your Uber ride, you can share information with whomever you would like so they will know your route and approximate arrival time.

Uber First Ride Code – Why Use It?

So why should you use our Uber first ride code?  First answer is easy, why not save up to $15 by simply downloading the Uber application with our code?  That is a no-brainer.  Second, if you were to go and just download the application on your own, you would not receive the ride credit.  Why is this?  Uber doesn’t need to offer someone free money when they are actively searching for the application.  They do this to promote current users to invite their friends.  This is why we are providing you with the code.

Ready to take your first promotional ride with Uber?  Click the button below for up to $15 off off of your first ride with our Uber first ride code!

Uber Ride Code

Are you interested in becoming an Uber Driver?  Visit our page on Uber driving and make sure to use our Uber Driver Promo Code when signing up to take advantage of the sign-up bonus (after completing a few rides)!  Click on the Uber Driver Promo Code link above to visit our page to learn all you need to know prior to signing up.

Uber First Ride Code

Why Choose Uber?

Uber is such a convenient and easy service to use for whatever purpose.  It is much easier than trying to request a cab as everything is on your phone.  All you do is simply load the application and set a location to get picked up, enter a destination, and that is it.  In most cases, your ride will be there in under 10 minutes, sometimes within 5 minutes.  Whether  you are looking for the low-cost ride or a luxury ride to your destination, Uber has several options for you to choose from!

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