Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Requirements

uber driver Are you in need of extra cash? You might want to consider becoming an Uber driver. Uber, a modern mobile application offers a great deal of driving opportunities where you can earn money through your private car service. All you need is a smart phone and a decent drive. Below we have a detailed guide of the Uber driver requirements.

If you are planning to become an Uber driver, you may be wondering what the requirements are. Whether you get approved or not depends highly upon the given Uber driver requirements. Getting to know more of what you are applying for is the key to getting approved.  If you want to apply, read further on in this article for this will give you a detailed listing of the Uber driver requirements and  you will be well on your way to becoming an Uber driver yourself.

Uber Driver Requirements

Below is a listing of the various requirements for Uber Drivers.  These items include a background check, having proper documents, and specific car requirements.

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  1. You must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. You must have at least 3 years driving experience.
    • You also need to secure your out-of-state driver’s license and the proof of your driving history if you have just transferred from another state.
  3. You must have in-state car insurance under your name.
  4. You also need to secure in-state car registration, which is not   necessary to be in your name.
  5. You must possess an in-state Driver’s License.
  6. You need to have a Social Security Number for a background check.

Background Check

Uber’s goal is to have drivers that are harmless and not abusive.  This is the reason that they require their applicants to give consent to run through a comprehensive criminal background check.  The clients’ safety is Uber’s utmost concern and they want to ensure that their drivers are clean in any civil aspect.

In order for you to be hired you will need to undergo a personal background check for the past seven years which will be conducted by Hirease. You should see to it that you have:

  • Clean driving record
  • No criminal history
  • No record of drug-related offenses.
  • No record of fatal accidents
  • No reckless driving history
  • No record of driving incidents without insurance or license.

Further, you also need to know of the car requirements to be an Uber Driver.

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Uber Driver Car Requirements

The UberX, UberXL, UberPlus, and UberSelect vehicle requirements are:

You must have a 4-door sedan, must seat 4 or more passengers excluding driver Year 2006 or newer in most cities. Note: car year requirements can vary by city. It is currently year 2001 or newer in many cities. Besides the year requirement, below is a list of the other Uber driver requirements for your car.

  • In-state auto insurance with your name on the policy
  • In-state driver’s license, licensed in the US for at least one year
  • You must have in-state plates with a current registration.
  • Your car must have no taxi mark.
  • No salvaged vehicle.
  • Pass Uber vehicle inspection.
  • The car must be currently registered.

If you meet all of the requirements above, click here to sign up to become an Uber driver.  Use our code to receive up to a $200 bonus after making a few rides with Uber!

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