lyft independence day

There is nothing more American than the 4th of July! Great food, drinks, and fireworks. Lyft wants to start your 4th of July of with a bang by providing a free $50 ride credit for new Lyft users.


How Do I Receive the $50 Free Ride Credit?

To receive $50 worth of free rides, you must first download the Lyft app. To do this quickly, you can click this link and it will allow you to download the app. It will then have box to enter the Lyft Independence Day promo code. Enter JULY4THLYFT and $50 in free ride credits will be placed in your account. Entering promo code JULY4THLYFT is very important because if you don’t do this, you will not receive the $50 free worth of ride credits!

The Lyft Independence Day promo code does have an expiration day of 14 days so make sure to use it before then otherwise your $50 free will run out.

independence day

Earning Ride Credit

Lyft ride credits are beginning to grow as Lyft grows. Lyft is continually gaining new riders and drivers as a result of its referral program. Once you use this promo code, you will receive a promo code of your own. Each rider receives their own Lyft promo code that can be given to others in exchange for free ride credit. Your referral will then receive up to $50 in free ride credits and through this chain link effect, Lyft has grown rapidly since inception of the company.

The same referral system works for Lyft drivers. To understand the driver referral program, check out our related post $750 Lyft Driver Bonus. Instead of a ride credit, when you sign up to be a Lyft driver you will receive a cash bonus once you complete a certain amount of rides. Total cash bonus and amount of rides needed to complete all vary by city. It has been known that Lyft has once paid $1,000 cash bonus to new drivers in certain cities. Signing up now to be a driver around Independence Day could be very profitable as you will complete the rides requirement very quickly with all of the demand.

lyft independence day

Why Use a Lyft Promo Code?

We have been asked many times why should someone use a Lyft promo code. Our answer is, why not! Using the code is very easy and it can save you money so that way you can buy more drinks at the bar! The promo code is a very easy 3 step process:

  1. Download the Lyft App
  2. Enter the promo code in the “payment” section to earn the bonus amount
  3. Request a ride and use your $50 free Lyft ride credits within 14 days

lyft independence day

Where Should I Claim My Free Lyft Rides?

Anyone who is a new Lyft user can claim the $50 free Lyft ride credit. The free rides can be used in any city in which Lyft operates. See the list of all Lyft cities to see if your city qualifies. Lyft operates in most large cities so you will most likely not have any issues. The ride credit is open to business travelers as well as regular city residents and the best thing is that your ride credit travels with you! If you move to a new city, rest assured that you will still have your ride credit as long as you have used it within 14 days of your move.


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