$50 New Years Lyft Promo Code 2016!

$50 New Years Lyft Promo Code

New Years Lyft Promo Code

Are you ready to kick your New Years Weekend off with a bang?    Whether you are going out on the town or just casually hanging out with friends, make sure to use Lyft for your ride to and from the party this weekend!  Use our New Years Lyft promo code for $50 in free ride credit for new users.  Not taking a Lyft today?  No worries!  The free ride credit will be applied to your account as long as you take your ride within 14 days of registering.

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New Years Lyft Promo Code

So how are you going to celebrate your weekend?  Make sure you take advantage of $50 in free ride credit with Lyft for new users with our New Years Lyft Promo Code.  Click here to redeem the promo code now!

New Years Lyft Promo Code

Thanksgiving Miami

What better way to kick off the holiday than to celebrate in South Beach?  This is our top pick for New Years weekend.  Here are some of our favorite bars in Miami:

Gale’s Retro Rec Room – Looking to hit the club this weekend?  This is our favorite spot in Miami.  Get ready to show your knowledge of all of the best ’90s hip hop songs!

Purdy Lounge – This comes in a close second to the Rec Room.  If you’re looking for a good time, you can never go wrong going to the Purdy Lounge.  Known for their great parties, you are sure to have a blast.

Gravity Brewlab – If you are in the mood to try out a local brewery, this is your spot.  Known for their signature pale ale Biscayne Gold, make sure to stop by to try out all of their beer selections.

New Years Oklahoma City

With the Oklahoma City Thunder kicking off their NBA season, Oklahoma City is a top destination for those looking for a good party.  Here are some of our favorite spots in OKC:

New Years Lyft Promo Code

Bricktown Brewery – This is a great brewery worth a visit.  This is always one of our top picks for daytime drinking to get the festivities started.

The Dollhouse – This is our favorite club in Oklahoma City.  They have some really good DJs here as well as performances on stage with workers dancing on the bars.  A must for anyone looking for a good night.

Dave and Busters – What better way to celebrate the Thunder’s playoff success than with a little competition of your own at Dave and Busters.  They serve monster beers and the games are very fun.  This is a top spot to pregame for a night on the town!

New Years Minneapolis

With the weather cooling down, Minneapolis isn’t a bad choice for Halloween.  Here are some good places to stop while in Minneapolis:

Union – Boasting a rooftop patio, Union Bar is a fun place to visit.  The views on the rooftop are fantastic, add a cocktail to that, and you have yourself a good night.

Shout House Dueling Pianos – A very fun atmosphere at this bar.  It’ll be a fun night that you won’t regret.

No matter where you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving, make sure to take advantage of our $50 Thanksgiving Lyft Promo Code!



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